About Us

Pier 5 Fishing Charters is dedicated to providing the best, most customizable deep-sea fishing charters at the most affordable rates while staying dedicated to quality service. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew has earned their extraordinary reputation through satisfied customers from across the globe. Recommendations are what we value, and we strive to make each customer completely satisfied. Our Captains and crew have over 30 years of fishing experience. Legendary Pier 5 in Miami has been home to generations of world renowned fishing boats and Captains. Our fleet of professional boats and crews has captured many fishing tournament titles.

Pier 5 Fishing Charters is based out of the historic Pier 5 at the Miami Marina. This prime location, in the heart of Miami at the beautiful Bayside Marketplace, is only a two mile boat run to the bountiful fishing grounds of the Gulf Stream.

Our vessels are fully equipped to land you the catch of a lifetime! Whether you are looking for corporate entertainment, family fun, or serious tournament competition, Pier 5 Fishing Charters will promise you an unforgettable experience.