Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fish do you catch?
Spring and Fall is the best time to catch tuna, wahoo, cobia, Kingfish, sailfish
Summer is mostly Dolphin, Kings.

What is catching and when?

January – Cobia, Sailfish, Dolphin, Grouper, Wahoo, Kingfish, African Pompano
February – Cobia, Sailfish, Dolphin, Grouper, Wahoo, Kingfish
March – Cobia, Sailfish, Dolphin, Grouper, Wahoo, Kingfish
April – Cobia, Kingfish, Black Fin Tuna
May – Cobia, Kingfish, Black Fin TunaJune – Dolphin, Sailfish, Black Fin Tuna
July – Dolphin, Kingfish
August – Dolphin, Kingfish
September – Dolphin, Kingfish, Sailfish
October - Grouper, Mackerel, Cobia, Wahoo, Sailfish
November – Sailfish, Mackerel, Cobia, Grouper, Wahoo
December – Sailfish, Mackerel, Cobia, Grouper, African Pompano

Who provides bait?
Each fishing boat will catch their own live bait. Some examples of live bait are Herring, Pilchard, Goggle Eye, Blue Runners, Pin Fish and Sardines.

What times are the fishing trips?
You can leave in the morning or the afternoon for a 4-hour tour. Start time is usually 8am until 12pm or 1pm to 5pm for the half day fishing charters. The full day is usually 8am until 4pm.

What type of boats do we use?
Sportfishing boats

Do you know the boat makers name?
Hatteras, Post, Cabos, Crusaders, Bertams

Can you describe the boat?
All of our sport fishing boats are between 40 and 55 ft. with a cabin enclosed, and a cockpit areas

Are they exactly alike?
No but very similar

Do I get to see the boat?
Sure once we find which boat is available we can provide you a picture.

Does that include food?
No, we have box lunches that are $25 a piece includes sandwich, chips, slaw/potato salad.

What types of sandwiches?
Meats: ham, turkey or roast beef.
Breads: white, wheat or rye.
The sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, onions and a may/mustard spread.

Who makes the food?
Our executive Chef will prepare the box lunches.

Where do we go?
To the Gulfstream which is usually around 3 miles off.

Is the Gulfstream the only place you go?
Majority of the prime fishing is done in the Gulfstream however if they are not biting we can always go reef or bottom fishing. However, the captains try to find the blue water and that is usually where the fish will be.

Can I go to the Keys?
Yes. Different pricing applies.

What about canal fishing?

Or the Everglades?

What does that included?
Bait, tackle, captain, mate, licensees and boat.

How many people can I bring?
Up to 6 passengers per boat

Are you insured?
Yes, all of our fishing boats are insured with minimum liability of $300,000 per person.

Can I do splits?
No. We don’t do splits – “Therapy Five” does.

What fishing styles do you offer?
We offer, bottom fishing, trolling, drift, kite fishing with live bait, and some flats fishing.

Do you do night fishing?
Yes, but need to make special arrangements.

How many days in advance do I need to make reservations?
We like to have 24hrs notice.

Do you have a refund policy or cancellation policy?
We require a 72 hours notice to cancel a single weekday fishing trip. We require a 30 days notice to cancel a weekend fishing trip. If you have reserved multiple fishing boats then we require a month notice for cancellations. If your cancellations falls less the time above then we refund only 50% of the total. We will always try to reschedule at no extra cost.

Where do you leave from?
Our home dock is Bayside Marketplace 401 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, Fl 33132. We also can pick up from all surrounding docks in the south Florida area including Sea Isle, Diplomat, Halover, Intercontinental, Ocean Reef and Fisher Island.

Can you go to alternate marinas?
Yes but additional charges could apply.

What company do you recommend for singles?
We book party fishing cruises at a cost of $40 dollars for adults and $20 dollars for children. The party fishing cruises are out of Miami Beach Marina. Each boat holds up to 100 passengers.

Does the captain come with the boat?
Yes, a Coast Guard Captain is mandatory.

Does a mate come with the rental?

Can you describe what the boxed lunches include?
See above.

What to do with your catch?
The captain and the mate will filet your catch and bag it. This also means to clean the fish.